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Julianne and Michael’s Wedding Video Highlight!

November 22nd, 2021 in Wedding Videos

Springmill Manor

Julianne and Michael are just the sweetest kindest people we’ve ever met! We absolutely loved spending the day with them and capturing so many wonderful moments! Their wedding day was filled with love, joy and an effortless vibe that made it so easy to hang back and let them shine. Here’s to love, and happy forever after. Here’s to Julianne and Michael!



Kara and Michael’s Wedding Video Highlight!

November 18th, 2021 in Wedding Videos

Clarks Landing Yacht Club

When we stand at the edge of the ocean we feel so invigorated, and so filled with belonging. The sheer power of crashing waves and the rolling winds can leave us in awe at the beauty of this beautiful place we call home. Just on the other side of all that thrashing power is the bay. Quiet, serene, and peaceful. Kara and Micheal’s love shines comparatively. Sweet, serene and even a little coy at times. But then BAM! Michale looks at Kara with such passion and true love it would tame even the most powerful and wildest of waves. And there they stand, as the world rushes all around them, slowing down and enjoying each other, from one moment to another, in their private ocean, on their private island. Trapped in a love dance from which even they could never escape. And who would want to? Here are just a few of those moments we had the honor of capturing. Congrats to Kara and Michael! May you both be each other’s guiding star!



Daneille and Stephen’s Wedding Video Highlight!

October 20th, 2021 in Wedding Videos

The Warrington

A perfect day in so many ways. Daneille and Stephen’s wedding day was one amazing moment after another. From Stephen’s adorable smile to Daneille’s breathtaking beauty, there was nothing on this earth that could keep this amazing couple apart – their souls are one. Top it off with an amazing reception with Danielle and Stephen in the center of all their loved ones, a perfect day in their love story is nothing short of a new and love filled chapter in their journey as husband and wife. Congrats to Daneille and Stephen!


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